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It’s Moving Time Again!

Moving day brings butterflies, fear and anxiety. Of course you’re hoping that this is the
last time that you’ll need an affordable and professional moving company in Tampa.
But, for now it’s that time again. Not to worry though, there is a moving company in
Tampa that will help put your mind at ease, you can rest assured that here at
Tampa Movers we will bend over backwards to provide a moving service that is not only impeccable, but is also affordable, professional and most importantly licensed.

In order to make sure your move is a stress free one Tampa Movers will
provide you with every service professional movers can tackle.

— The Tampa Movers Staff —

Make sure you fully understand the services the moving company offers and the rate at which those services can be provided.

Some of the many things to consider in preparation for the big day are:

  • Do you have enough boxes?
  • Will your precious fragile belongings be handled with care?
  • Is there anything you haven’t considered?
  • Will a truck be available when needed?
  • Is there a moving company in Tampa that will help me with my moving and packing?
  • Is your moving company licensed?
  • Does your company charge by the piece or by the hour?
  • Do they have a minimum charge? How do they charge after the minimum is met — in 15-minute increments or every half hour?
  • Do they charge extra for larger items such as piano moving, large screen televisions, or any extra flights of stairs to move items on? (This is not unusual.)
  • Do they charge for the travel time from their office to my home?
  • Do they charge extra for moves in the evenings or on the weekends?
  • What payment options do they offer? (Many companies require a deposit.)
  • Do they have full-time employees or do they use temps and day labor? (Be cautious of companies that use temps or day labor because they may not be properly insured.)
  • Do they carry Worker’s Compensation for their employees?
  • What kind of training have your movers and drivers completed?
  • Are items insured during the move? (Even if a mover is bonded and insured, it doesn't mean that your items are covered during the move. Some states require that a company put a valuation of 60¢ per pound of coverage.)
  • What kind of cancellation policy do they offer? (You should always be able to cancel or postpone until a few days before your move.)
  • Do they offer free moving quotes? (For homes larger than three bedrooms, try to get an on-site estimate done. Be thorough in identifying all the items you need moved. Don't forget the basement and the attic.)
  • Do they have any suggestions on how to make the move easier? (Movers who care about customer service and making your move a positive experience will do all they can to help you.)
  • Do they have a contact number for the day of the move should any challenges arise?

Tampa Movers has always focused on training its employees in two ways:

  1. By using the latest techniques and finest equipment available.
  2. By teaching everyone to follow THE GOLDEN RULE, a commitment to treating everyone as you would want to be treated yourself.

Each new staff member must attend a two-week training session, before oficially starting as an employee. During that training session the students are taught in a fully furnished home about how to maneuver, wrap, pack and load items such as a china cabinet filled with breakables, glass tables, a grand piano, a washer and dryer, and a flat-screen TV. Students must identify obstacles and empty the house quickly and efficiently. A built-to-scale truck box is also located in the training facility, and students must successfully pack the back of the truck with items from the home.

The customer is Tampa Movers top priority. And to ensure we’re providing the best service available, we are constantly reviewing and improving our training classes.

Tampa Movers is a moving company which provides every moving service imaginable; our trained professional staff will provide you with everything needed to make your move as painless and fast as possible.

We’re proud of our track record. We’re fully equipped with vehicles, specialized equipment and a professional, trained labor force. We’ve built a reputation on trust and honesty. We deliver on time, within budget and most importantly, your belongings are delivered safely FIRST TIME, EVERYTIME.

Not only will we assist with your residential move from house to house, apartment to apartment or any combination thereof, but we also provide business moving services to help with your office move whether it is just a one room office or an entire floor of offices.

SIT BACK! RELAX! Let Tampa Movers
Handle All of Your Moving Services

Tampa Movers:
Our Services Include:

  • Office Movers
  • Apartment Movers
  • Corporate Movers
  • Last Minute Movers
  • Long Distance Movers
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Relocation Movers
  • Help with Packing
  • Diaper Wrap Furniture
  • Complete Packing
  • Supplies for Packing
  • Moving Truck with
    Necessary Equipment
  • Expert Movers
  • Superb Customer Service
  • Interstate Moving Services
  • Load and Unload Overseas
  • Load and Pack Pods
  • Moving and Storage Services
  • Free Online Quote
  • Relocation Moving Services
  • Local and Long Distance
    Customer Reviews
  • Realtor Staging Services
  • Professional Household Moving
    and Packing Services
  • Household Goods Descriptive
  • Load and Unload Rental Trucks
  • Short Term Storage
  • Sanitized Moving Trucks
  • Neoprene Floor Runners

Hire a Licensed Moving Company and Avoid Trouble

Moving your residence, event, or business has become very common lately. A move should be something that goes as smoothly as possible. Considering all of your valuables it would behoove you to do your homework before hiring a moving company and by all means make sure that moving company is licensed and insured.

Unfortunately the moving industry is crowded with movers who do not have the proper certifications or insurance and the cumulative effect of their actions gives movers a bad name. These moving companies may also offer a cheaper rate but that always comes with a higher risk. This is a risk you don’t want to take because if something were to happen en route to your final destination, a licensed mover is required to carry liability insurance to cover damages that might be incurred during the transfer. This reputation is usually well deserved because most people think of movers as any person or company who owns a transport van or vans and/or trucks who will move your items from one location to another. Most of our competitors are not licensed or insured but Tampa Movers takes great pride in the service we offer our community. We don’t just let our insurance and license speak for us we also take great pride in the fact that we go to great lengths to ensure that your possessions are fully protected and that your move is as safe and pleasant as possible.

As a licensed mover Tampa Movers is regulated by the state of Florida. Go to to check the status of any mover you are considering. It is very important to hire a mover that has the proper insurance coverage for their vehicle, workers, and your belongings. You never want to be left holding the bag if something happens.
More often than not, families or individuals who are moving go for the cheap services of a non-licensed mover. These movers however are the cheapest for a reason and that is because they tend to cut costs where they can, cutting on labor by using unskilled workers, using unsafe equipment that may lead to damage of your possessions, and most paramount is the fact that they don’t have the proper insurance coverage on liabilities in case of damage to your property during the transfer.

A wise move would be to request a copy of the Insurance on General Liability from your licensed mover before securing their services. A licensed mover can automatically show you their insurance certificate and provide you with the services you require and the help that you need.

Licensing agencies keep complaint records of previous incidents done by any mover they license. Referrals are the safest route when looking for a licensed mover. Old acquaintances, officemates, and family can refer you to the perfect licensed mover. Tampa Movers continues to grow and grab market share because of the referrals we receive. Don’t be surprised if when asking around you hear our name (Tampa Movers)!

Tampa Movers is owned by Mickey Fehrenbach. Hailing from Cincinatti, OH, Mickey moved to Florida in 1982. He worked for several moving companies for seven years, finding them to be unskilled, dishonest and unreliable. Not wanting to associate himself with those traits he decided to start his own moving company and thus Tampa Movers was born. He wanted to and has continued to make his company an ethical, honest and reliable service which will ALWAYS put the customer first. Mickey’s mantra is, “Treat the customer better than the customer expects to be treated.” After many successful years in the moving business and with thousands of satisfied customers Tampa Movers has done just that and continues to until this day.

Our staff is prepared to provide whatever type of moving service you desire, whether you want a driver or need our staff to do all the packing, our professional movers are standing by to be of assistance.

So, relax, have no fear and keep your head held high with the knowledge that when you’re using Tampa Mover’s services you’re using the best. Call us today (813) 514-4467. You’ll be glad you did.


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